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Welcome to Nice Stay Hotel in Raub, Pahang.Our friendly staff always try their best to serve you well. Our reception is open 24 hours and they always happy to help you to ensure you stay comfortably with less hassle. Should you need info about the surrounding in Raub city, the staff will do their best to assist you.

To give you a brief history about Raub, Pahang, Raub district is one of the oldest town in Pahang situated about 110km from Kuala Lumpur and 265km from Pahang's capital Kuantan.Raub has an area of 2271 kmconsist of 7 territorial division (mukim), namely Batu Talam, Sega, Semantan Ulu, Dong, Ulu Dong, Gali and Tras.(resource : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raub_District).

Raub became famous as a gold mining district located in Bukit Koman operated by the Raub Australian Gold Mine company.

More information about Raub Pahang is available at the official portal by visiting following link: Raub Official Portal

Our hotel management and staff believe in "Quality Stay and Quality Service comes from Quality Thinking".

We also promise a CLEAN, COMFORT and good SERVICE.
We are working towards a fresh environment to make it a fresh hotel to make your stay comfortable.

Welcome to the Hotel


We believe in "Quality Stay and Quality Service comes from Quality Thinking".We also promise a CLEAN, COMFORT and good SERVICE....

About Us

about us

Nice Stay Hotel located at the entrance to Raub city center. about 1.7 km from the city center.Its surrounding area are filled with quiet and relax environment.

Where are we?


Nice Stay Hotel is located 1.7km from Raub City Center.We also provide a FREE transport/shuttle to the Raub city center...

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